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How Can Hiring A Business Consultant Help You?

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Business Consultant


The best way to think about a business consultant is to look at them as professional advisors. These are the people that will help bridge the gap between where a company is and where the company wants to be. A business consultant will offer their professional perspective and guidance all while being objective and keeping your goals in mind. A consultant is there to help with any obstacles that a business may be facing or simply provide their professional opinion on how to handle a situation. Simply put, business consultants provide advanced expertise that helps companies run more efficiently.

Bringing in a business consultant is often a smart and cost-effective way to help your company reach it’s goals. Let’s dive into the top 5 reasons to hire a business consultant.

1. Fresh Eyes

You know when you have been looking at a project for so long and you know something is off or just not right but you can’t quite figure it out? Then you have a friend, family member or colleague look at it and they seem to notice what’s wrong right off the bat. That is the beauty of fresh eyes and that is exactly what a business consultant can do for you. They can offer a fresh preservative and provide objective solutions for your company. The consultant is there to make sure the company as a whole meets their goals and objectives therefore they are not bound by any biased that you and your team may have. A consultant is a neutral third party that can spot the challenges that may be holding you and your team back and they will help you implement meaningful change to the company.

2. Their Network Is Your Network

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And so are their resources. You can be sure that a consultant has a wide range of professionals in their network and plethora of resources at their disposal. Consultants usually have their own processes and tools for doing their jobs which allows them to properly evaluate your business which saves you from making costly mistakes. Consultants are happy to share their expertise with you and they will be in your corner even after you have used their services. A consultant will often make connections between their clients and their network if they feel it is a fit and that can lead to many opportunities such as; a talent pool to pull from, vendor relationships, leads, referrals and so much more.

3. You Don’t Know It All And Can’t Do It All

It’s impossible for one person to know everything and do everything. The benefit of hiring a business consultant is that they specialize in business strategies, trends and methodologies which frees up ownership, management, and other central team members to focus on what they do best. You can use a business consultant on a long-term or short-term basis and they will tailor their plan based on the needs of your business and project timeline. Often times a business consultant is used to implement organizational changes, train staff, provide recommendations, manage projects or assist with internal issues such as mitigating conflict.

4. Reach You’re Business Goals

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Sometimes despite a company’s best efforts, much of the action they talk about implementing ends up being exactly that. All talk and no action. Many factors can contribute to why a company has challenges when it comes to putting a plan in to action but many times it’s combination of; improper management, lack of resources, lack of talent, an achievable action plan or insufficient experience. A consultant will help ensure there is accountability and action which in turn will help the company reach its goals. A consultant can also help motivate your team to stay on track because sometimes the "employer-employee" dynamic is strained or stale. It can be helpful for the team to receive motivation from a neutral third party who is not their boss.

5. Save Time And Money

Every business strives to save time and money. In fact, I bet if you could pay to get some extra time back in your day you would. A business consultant can provide you with our most precious resource. Time. There is never enough time in the day. A lot of companies are operating at unsustainable levels and it looks a little something like this:

Ownership is trying balance the make it or break it decisions with what is good for the bottom line while keeping the integrity of the company in tact and the best interest of their employees in mind.

The Management team is spread too thin. Their departments are understaffed so managers find themselves jumping in where needed for the better of the team helping with tasks they probably shouldn't be doing instead of well, you guessed it, actually managing their team.

Department teams are overworked and most likely feeling undervalued, unappreciated and underpaid but they tell themselves this is a good job and they try to understand the economic circumstances that are driving business decisions. The loyal employees will work longer hours to get the job done for little in return while burning themselves out and sacrificing their personal lives.

Project Managers are feeling an all time high of stress and pressure between trying to meet company objectives and keeping the client happy by delivering the product on time and under budget. The job of a Project Manager is stressful enough but in an economy where labor and material costs are rising on the daily it feels like a lose-lose situation. Project owners don't want to spend any additional money and that leaves your Project Managers between a rock and a hard place.

Morale is low, frustration is building even with the most loyal of employees, every employee is doing the job of multiple people, no one can focus on what they are actually supposed to be doing, expectations on employee availability are unrealistic, turnover is becoming a costly problem and no one has any time to hire and properly train new employees.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Some of the scenarios listed above are issues we see on a daily basis during our consultation, brainstorming and business analysis phases at Hello Green. If some of this resonated with you, you are certainly not alone. These types of organizational issues are quickly becoming the new normal and it is not a healthy path for anyone to go down.

Hiring a business consultant may command a larger upfront investment but since they are not a full-time employee, the company often saves money in the long run by utilizing the knowledge and expertise of a business consultant. A business consultant can provide immense relief to a company that can be felt almost immediately.

If you are interested in setting up a free 30 min business consulting consultation take a look at our calendar and pick a day and time that work for you! BOOK HERE

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