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Social Media: A Necessary Evil

Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Social Media Marketing

We get it. A lot of us have a love/hate relationship with Social Media. We love the rush we get when we see our posts get like after like but we hate the negativity and toxicity that can come with it. Social Media has it's flaws of course but it can bring a lot of positive rewards if used correctly. In terms of marketing, it is a win-win for everyone. Businesses get an extremely cost-efficient way to generate new leads, speak to their audiences and seek out new segments of the market while the audience gets free personalized content that adds value to their relationship with the company.

If you are on the fence about whether or not to invest in Social Media Marketing, check out Hello Green's "Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Social Media"

1.Brand Awareness


These days the market is over-saturated with every type of company you can think of. Yes, even my own company Hello Green is in a saturated market of marketing and business consulting but the great thing about over-saturation is that it allows for each company to operate in a way that reflects their mission and values. As business owners we all stand out in our own ways because no one can do what we do in the way that we do it and that is what makes us all unique. So how do you get that unique brand messaging out to the masses? Social Media. It provides an authentic way for a company to communicate what defines their organization to their audience.

2. Cost-Effective

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Most social media accounts are free to sign up for and it's free to post as much as you like on almost all social media platforms. Free is great. We like free. We can debate if it's really "free" at another time but if you want to get started with posting on social media there is nothing stopping you. Except for maybe lack of time. Ad spending, email campaigns and targeted Ad's can easily fit within your marketing budget and it's flexible enough that you can adjust as needed based on business conditions. You can spend as much or as little as you want but keep your expectations in line either way. Minimal to moderate spending with the potential for a great return on your investment is the sweet spot.

3. Drive Traffic To Your Website


Driving traffic to your website is essential for any company. We all know that website traffic is a great way to move potential customers through your sales process and eventually convert them to paying clients and customers. Of course not everyone will convert but there is a great wealth of knowledge that can be found in the non-conversion. Analyzing website traffic data may not be everyone's idea of a good time but it provides businesses with real time feedback that can be used to improve any areas of opportunity. Social Media is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website and can help improve the customer experience. Don't have a website yet? Hello Green can help you with that!

4. Build Brand Loyalty

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According to a consumer survey done by Yotpo in 2018, they found that almost 80% of consumers said that it took at least 3 purchases before they considered themselves brand loyal. Brand loyalty takes time to build but it's worth the wait. Social Media helps build brand loyalty by allowing a company to maintain a consistent brand voice across all social media platforms which in turn makes your brand recognizable and memorable. The use of Social Media to tell compelling stories is another great way to build brand loyalty. Storytelling not only engages your audience but it helps to attract people who may not have any interest in your brand at the moment but they resonate with your messaging.

5. Your Competitors Are Already Doing It

You can guarantee that your competitors are already on social media creating brand awareness, driving traffic to their website and building their loyal customer base. Are you following your competitors on Social Media? If not, you should be. Following your competitors allows you to learn what your up against and gives you real time insight into their daily marketing strategy. There might not be any love lost between competitors but sometimes they can inspire you to try out something new whether that is content style, new software or a new gadget. In addition to inspiration your competitors can also be one of your biggest sources of lead referrals. Believe me, I know. Sometimes referrals come from the most unlikely of places and a lot of times it's a competitor referral. Use your competitors to your advantage!

It's Easy To Start Investing In Social Media

Of course we hope you consider Hello Green for your marketing needs but if you are not ready to take that step yet we understand. We also want you to know that even taking the simplest step towards Social Media Marketing can go a long way. We hope you found this article useful and we look forward to helping you in any way that we can! #happyposting #hellogreen

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