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Hello. Welcome To Our Story

About The Team


Hello Green Marketing is a woman-owned and  lead commercial marketing consulting agency for the Green, AEC, and Property Management Industries 

Meet The Hello Green Team


Nikki Gist 

President & CEO

Nikki Gist is the founder and CEO of Hello Green Marketing. Nikki's educational background is in marketing she, like a lot of us fell into a career she did not go to school for. Nikki spent over a decade as a Project Manager in the Green and Construction industry learning every aspect of the industry from administrative duties all the way to Senior Operations Manager and everything in between. While Nikki enjoyed her time as a construction project manager, she always knew that marketing was her first love and she returned to her roots 2 years ago during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Nikki started Hello Green Marketing out of an abundance of demand within the Green and Construction industries and she realized that marketing agencies specializing in Green Marketing were far and few in-between. Nikki decided to bet on herself and thus Hello Green Marketing was born.

Alexandra Pollera

Director of Marketing & Operations

Allie is graduate of West Virginia University and holds a Bachelors Degree of Science. Allie majored in Design Studies and Entrepreneurship. Allie's keen eye for design and work experience in Marketing allows her to find a balance between creating compelling content and executing on the strategy that drives results for our clients. Allie was the perfect fit for our Director of Marketing and Operations role due to her innate ability to keep our team on track and productive. Allie is a wonderful asset to Hello Green Marketing and we are thrilled that she chose to work with us as she continues down her professional path.

Mackenzie Koedding

Director of Content Coordination

Mackenzie is a senior at Ithaca College majoring in Television and Digital Media. Mackenzie’s background in editing and production allows her to view content through a different lens which made her a fantastic fit for our Director of Content Coordination. Mackenzie enjoys editing client videos and expressing her creativity through film production. Mackenzie previously interned for Hello Green and we were thrilled she accepted a position with us. We look forward to growing with Mackenzie as she enters the professional world of marketing.

What Makes Us Different?

We Analyze - We use data analytics to drive business decisions which allows us to pinpoint what works and what doesn't down to the tiniest detail.

We Strategize - We design our solutions using a combination of data analytics, creative planning and smart strategies. This allows businesses to save time and money in the long run.

We Customize - Our solutions are customized with your goals and your budget in mind. Every business is different and so are our solutions.

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