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Why Is Content Creation Important?

Content Really Is King

Content is King. We hear it repeatedly. But why exactly is content king? Well according to Forbes it’s estimated that Americans are inundated with 4,000-10,000 digital ads each day! That’s an overwhelming amount of information being thrown at all of us every day. Since the world of advertising has changed drastically over the last decade it’s become even more important to find new and exciting ways to engage your audience so that your brand voice can stand out and be heard. Content is King and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Creating content is not always easy. As a content creator myself with a successful podcast and a content creation business I know that some days it’s harder than others to create engaging content that won’t take up too much of anyone’s time since our attention span clocks in at about 7 seconds. I have days where I hit peak flow and the creativity and fresh ideas are just pouring out of me. And other days it’s like my brain hits a complete mental block and nothing works! Although part of this Blog post is a shameless plug for my content creation service, I do pride myself on being a transparent business owner and I think it’s ok to say “hey, some days I am just not feeling it” we all have those days where it’s harder to do our jobs than other days. It’s like a workout, right? Some days you crush it and other days you wonder how you ever found the motivation to work out in the first place.

The funny thing about being in the content creation business is that it is a misunderstood industry even in this day and age. People ask me all the time if I just “play on social media all day” and I can understand and appreciate that perspective but of course like most things it’s harder than it looks. I won’t get into all the details of what that entails because 1. You are here for tips on content 2. We can schedule a consultation for that 3. It can be boring to read about it. So, instead let’s talk about some reasons why content is important to invest in.

Builds Trust

credit: khoros

Like any relationship trust goes both ways and once the trust is broken it’s damn near impossible to come back from. Tricky thing about trust. It takes years to build and can be destroyed in matter of minutes. So, its important that you establish trust with your audience so that they know the information they are receiving is credible and will add value to their day. Value is so subjective, isn’t it? What I consider a value add and what you consider a value add might be two different things, but I think we can all agree that providing free personalized content is a win for everyone. The more time your audience spends with you, the more trust you will build over time.

You're The Expert Aren't You?


Content is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Take this opportunity to increase value and trust with your audience by sharing your insights and expertise within your industry. Discuss your topic in depth and show potential clients that you know your stuff! Stay true to your voice, brand, style and let your knowledge shine bright.

Educate, Inspire and Engage


Hitting on these points will help build the relationship between your brand, your audience and potential audience. If someone is not familiar with your brand but they resonate with your messaging or they simply like the educational content you provide they will come to view you as one of their go-to brands for their needs.

Helps with SEO

credit: eternitymarketing

I know, SEO is all anyone hears about anymore. I won’t bore you with the technical details of SEO but to put it simply; SEO is how you get found on a search engine. Using SEO keywords throughout your content is a smart way to ensure that your brand will be found when someone types in a relevant keyword in a search engine. Once they do that your website will show up in the search results. Now, to be fair SEO can take a bit of time to kick in. It does NOT happen over night. I have to emphasize that because it’s probably one of the questions I get asked the most “How long until I pop up on Google” it’s going to take time but you will get there.

Creates Leads

credit: digitalzeg

This is the part you came for right? Every time you put content out there for the world to see there is a strong chance that a new pair of eyes are seeing your work for the first time. If you can peak someone’s interest with your content you have initiated a brand new relationship.

Digital marketing is here to stay and Hello Green is here to help you every step of the way. If you are interested in our content creation packages drop us a line!

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